On this website you will learn a lot about what you can do to look and feel young, beautiful and healthy. You will know how to choose the best quality skin care products and healthy supplements that give you the results you are really hoping for, and read about my favorite health and skin care brands.

Maybe you’re like I was, on the look out for the product line that actually works for your skin, making your skin glowing, light, youthful and beautiful. But the products you have found on the market and tried out haven’t lived up to their promises, and have left your skin looking older than it should for your age, dry and anything else than radiant.

If this applies to you, I bet you're pretty fed up with the brand name skin care products out on the market, their false claims and celebrity marketing campaigns they spend millions on - because their products plain and simple don’t work.

But not all skin care products are more focussed on marketing than their products though, there are some very good products available that can help you get smoother skin, eliminate wrinkles and make you look younger.

Let’s face it, a high quality skin care product should help you reduce bags and fine lines under the eyes, even out skin inconsistencies, and give you your youthful look back by making your skin supple and glowing again.

If you have skin discolouration or a darker complexion that you’d like, you will want a good skin cream that will lighten your skin, but be natural and take care of your skin and fight the sings of age at the same time.

The problem I found is that there are thousands of products to choose from, and unless you do a lot of research and educate yourself, it is hard to find a good product that gives you real results and eliminates the signs of aging from your body and face.

How the Skin Care Industry Works

It’s unbelievable how much money people will spend to make themselves look beautiful and younger. Cosmetic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry, and so is the skin care products industry.

That’s how markets work, when the demand for these products goes up, the more companies will try to take advantage of the opportunity and make money; the quicker the better.

A lot creams, serums and moisturizers are rushed to the market to meet this demand, and most of the companies making them won’t care too much about research and development.

Their whole budget will go into marketing the products. On the surface everything looks nice; all the bottles, jars and tubes look will look good. Their ads in the magazines are glossy, accompanied by a young model, or a celebrity who hasn't even touched the products, promising you eternal youth and beauty.

But, I guess you can't really blame them. When you're spending most of your budget on marketing, you have to charge a lot of money for your skin care products, otherwise you will go out of business.

On the other hand, just because they are putting out these lower-quality products, doesn't mean that you have to believe their marketing tricks.

The fact is, these companies aren't going to go bankrupt, because so many people are buying their products and hoping that they will work.

Let’s face it, most people will not take the time to research and understand what is in their skin creams, how their ingredients work and what ingredients can actually be harmful for your skin and indeed make you look older.

And yes, you read that right - there are ingredients like this in many products, including many brand names! To learn more about such ingredients, please read my article about 5 Ingredients To Avoid in All Skin Care Products. But what to use instead?

Ingredients to Look For in a Skin Care Moisturizer

Before I tell you about the specific ingredients to use instead of the ones I discussed earlier, it's important that we understand more about how our skin works, and what makes a product good or bad.

The biggest reason why we get wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin is the loss of collagen and elastin. The following is the most technical I am going to get on this website, so stay with me for a few seconds.

Collagen is a fibrous protein. What makes collagen so special is that it has tensile strength, which basically means that it provides firmness to our skin. When you start to lose collagen due to aging, the firmness of your skin starts to decrease. More and more wrinkles will appear and your skin will eventually start to sag.

Elastin is another protein that helps your skin stay flexible and firm. If your skin gets stretched, elastin is the one that helps it return to its normal state.

So what does this all mean? It simply means that you want to avoid buying a skin care product that is nothing more than a cream or lotion that fills in wrinkles and fine lines, giving you off the appearance of nice looking skin, when in fact the effects are only temporary. When you wash the cream off, the illusion is gone. You want to look for a product that contains ingredients that stimulate your body to create its own collagen and elastin, and if you can do this, you can begin to turn back the clock.

Now, pay attention, because I am going to share something extremely important with you.

Many of the manufacturers of the more expensive products will try to fool the public by including some really nice active ingredients in their skin care lines. But what's wrong with that?

Well, here's their trick: because these ingredients are actually beneficial for your skin, they put just enough of them in their products so they can legally list them on the label. This fools the customer into believing that they are buying a great product, when in fact, the manufacturer isn't putting in enough of the active ingredient to benefit the person using it.

So when you're choosing a skin care product, it is not just about finding one with good ingredients, it is also about finding one that has the right amount of these ingredients. 

I wrote a separate article about some of in my opinion the best ingredients in skin care - it's called 5 Beneficial Ingredients in Skin Care and How They Work.

Recommended Skin Care Products

There are a few companies that I've found to spend most of their money on creating the best natural skin care products available, not for advertising hype, and those are the brands I want to present to ypu here on this website.

I hope you find answers to some of your questions and enjoy my site!

Mia Jais

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